Human Capital in Hotel Industry

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Human Capital in Hotel Industry (okładka miękka, książki)
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Data premiery: 04-01-2013
Wydawca: CeDeWu Sp. z o.o.

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The issue of the work is embedded in the mainstream of modern capital practice management in the hospitality industry. The author of the work, in a consequent managerial approach, focused her attention on the importance of employee innovation, human capital profitability and estimation of its added value in hotel strategic development. The work provides answers to the fundamental questions asked by the managers and hotel-keepers under the present very difficult conditions of competitiveness: 1. Why does personnel management in the hospitality industry mean human capital management and why is it far different than in other industries? 2. How to measure investments in human capital in the hospitality industry? 3. What is the level of human capital in hotels in Poland? 4. What can be changed in order to improve efficiency of investment in human capital in the hospitality industry in Poland? (...)" (from the review by Prof. M. Bednarczyk) "One of the phenomena characteristic of the present times is professionalization and related requiring of a high level of competence. It is particularly seen in tourism service sector where employees? unique competencies are a scarce resource that is difficult to be copied. Therefore, in order to make a company carry out their tasks, it is necessary to have both appropriate resources in terms of quantity and most importantly competent staff that demonstrate a unique approach in the field of customer service that enables to "create guests? memories" and "keep the brand promises". The work undertaking the issue of human capital in hospitality industry helps tackle the challenge.

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Autor Wszendybył-Skulska Ewa
Nazwa Human Capital in Hotel Industry
Liczba stron 128
Data premiery 04-01-2013
Wydawca CeDeWu Sp. z o.o.
Oprawa miękka
Numer wydania I
Język wydania angielski
Dystrybutor OSDW Azymut
Język oryginału angielski
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